New lettings for Evolve Estates

As we head towards the end of the year, we are pleased to share updates on a string of new lettings regarding our property portfolio, further enhancing the local communities we are proudly a part of. Here’s what’s in store:

McDonald’s – Portsmouth

Global food franchise McDonald’s is joining forces with Evolve Estates and heading to the heart of Portsmouth. McDonald’s will open its doors in Unit 75A, on London Road, offering an expansive 3,022 sq ft space. Mark your calendars for the grand opening on December 6th.

Eight Wealth Financial Management to Unit 39A – Totton

Unit 39A in Commercial Road, Totton Shopping Centre, will soon become the new home for Eight Wealth Financial Management services. The final preparations for the 3,885 sq ft unit are underway, promising a strategic financial hub for their valued clients.

‘Singles Supermarket’ – Romsey

‘Singles Supermarket’ is an innovative concept that is dedicated to combating food waste within the local community. With an accessible and welcoming space spanning 646 sq ft, ‘Singles Supermarket’ is now open and ready to make a meaningful impact.

Kat Behbahani, asset manager at Evolve Estates said: “These additions to our portfolio highlight our unwavering commitment to cultivating vibrant and sustainable communities. At Evolve Estates, we transcend the traditional role of landlords, forging partnerships for progress. Together, we can create spaces where businesses thrive, and communities flourish.”